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We respect your privacy.

When a visitor requests pages from this web site, our Web servers automatically recognize the browser's domain name and IP address. We collect the domain names and IP addresses in order to aggregate information on the pages users access or visit. This information is used solely for statistical purposes and not to identify individuals.

Our servers do not record e-mail addresses.

From time to time, we may ask users to provide an e-mail or mailing address for the purpose of conducting a survey or to provide additional services (e.g. subscriptions to e-mail newsletters). Before the identity of a visitor is recorded, we will clearly indicate the purpose of the request for information.

"Look Ma, No Tables..."

This web site has been created using (X)HTML and CSS. If the web pages you see look strange and/or broken, the current versions of your browser is too old and does not support W3C standards. In brief: the bug is in the browser, not in the pages. Update your browser! Install a better one. It is FREE at least.

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