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Troodos Mountains, Cyprus / May 03, 2012

Chantara Waterfalls is definitely the most beautiful waterfall in Cyprus

Located near the Foini village, Chantara waterfall is just 1.5 km from Foini and about 3.5 km from the Trooditissa Monastery.

First you see there is a small wooden bridge that pass over the water stream. On the left side you will heard and find the waterfall.

Wooden bridge - Chantara Waterfalls

Usually there is nobody there but this day were full of tourists. Many photographers don't like when people appear in their landscapes, but actually I like it. People add proportions to your photos.

Tourists at Chantara Waterfalls

The water stream is split from the rock in the middle and gives the name of the waterfall. Chantara means a Scale or "weighing machine"

Chantara Waterfalls

The waterfall is not the highest or the biggest in Cyprus, but definitely it is the most beautiful.

Chantara Waterfalls - the most beautiful waterfall in Cyprus

A small thread with stairways guides to the upper-flow level.

Upper-flow stairways - Chantara Waterfalls

At upper-flow level the water stream rushes between stones in the shade of threes.

Upper-flow level of Chantara Waterfalls

You can have sit and relax for a wile. The noise from the water is so magical there.

Relax for a wile at Chantara Waterfalls upper-flow

Going down you will reach the edge of Chantara Waterfalls. The top-up view is amazing, too.

Chantara Waterfalls  a view from the top

Finally do not forget to take a picture of you at the front of waterfalls

Take a picture of you at the front of  Chantara Waterfalls

Tourists left. Now it is time for some art photography. Speed and aperture are fine but the reflections from the wet surfaces look a bit nasty. It is time for CPL filter.

Chantara Waterfalls long exposure without CPL filter.

Now it is much better... No reflections and the colors are more saturated.

Chantara Waterfalls long exposure with CPL filter.

Finally one shot with normal speed and CPL. The water drops are frozen in the air till the water flows are still a bit blurred.

Normal speed and CPL - Chantara Waterfalls

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