The Artist

The Artist

Creating a photograph is a journey; the final print - the destination. I love the journey as much as the destination. If I wasn't a photographer, I’d still be a traveler. - Paco


Paco has been a photographer for decades. Originally learning his craft with manual cameras and B&W film, now he works with the tools of the digital age to create distinctive photographic images that reflect both the obvious and the more subtle beauty of the world around us.

Currently based in Limassol, Cyprus, he has photographed throughout South-East Mediterranean for more than 10 years, with working experience in Cyprus, Greece and Greek Islands, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria.

Paco's photography catches wide range of subjects vary to include landscapes, cities, travel, adventure, exploration, tourism, nature, people, culture, history, editorial, corporate photography and more abstract designs.


An artist doing fine art photography is creating photographs primarily to satisfy their own vision and creative intent. The final creative reason for a fine art photograph is the photograph itself. It is created most importantly to be true to the artist's vision of beauty.


Art Photography tap into the very life force that drives us, the confluence of chance, observation and memory; our journey into the other worldly and the mysterious in life. Photographs reflect our dreams, wishes, wants, and insecurities - a panopoly of memories and emotions, drives and intents. Profound experiences that enrich our lives, take on a spiritual quality and bring ephemeral moments of private meaning into being.

Photography can communicate something of the very essence and mystery of the world about us, showing us a direct mirror into ourselves. Allegorically, manifestations of beauty and abstract ideas, that we find within nature, offer new meanings and perceptions that take us on a journey beyond the surface reality of life. Creative drives are a tool for contemplating life and understanding who we are.


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